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Calming, colourful, uplifting abstract art and objects

inspired by the natural world

maker who
maker who doesn't
maker who doesn't make
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Hi, I'm Christina Sadler also known as Maker Who Doesn't Make. I'm based in Gloucester, UK.
Let me tell you a bit about why I paint.

The natural world, its changeability and uncertainty is similar to what we experience in life; Seasons, the tide, storms... there's nothing we can do to change these events but we can find ways to protect ourselves. There's comfort in being reminded that you can control some things but not everything, and sometimes it's about having faith things will change.

This sensation is reflected in the way I paint, I abandon control, allowing the material to flow and drip, but then protect and rebuild areas by removing and altering the layers. When I paint I think of all of this and it helps me feel restful and calm and these feelings translate into my art for the viewer. 


"I pour, drizzle, scrub, remove drip. Sometimes the work is on the floor, the table or the wall. Wherever the moods takes me. I listen to music, it helps me focus on the colours, shapes and feelings. "


"Having purchased one piece that was made specifically for my wife’s Christmas present, we are now after our second piece. The art is unique and stunning and I get lost in every piece."


Nick, Original painting

"I adore anything creative, I use the term 'maker' because art and creativity spans more than just painting. I really believe the more people who 'just make' a happier world we will live in."


"I have a large canvas painting in my living room and it really is the focal point of the house. We constantly have compliments on how amazing it is"

Chris, Commissioned art


Buy Prints of Originals

Limited editions and open editions are available. Painting featured is Untitled in Blue: A Reminder

Lets get social, see behind the scenes

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