Gloucester artist christina sadler creating abstract art

Make the spaces you live in enjoyable to be in.

You have a unique style, you’re creative, you want something no one else has, your home is your sanctuary, you need calm and relaxation. Let my art help you with that. 


Hi I'm Christina Sadler

A bit about me

The person behind Maker Who Doesn’t Make. I’m an abstract artist based in Gloucester.


Painting is my form of self care, I believe art and creativity can make you feel better, it’s my passion. When I paint I feel calmer, more relaxed and less anxious. 


I want you to feel that too when you look at my art. So I make art for your home that helps you feel uplifted, relaxed and calm.   


I adore anything creative, I use the term “Maker” because art and creativity spans more than just painting and I really believe that the more people who “just make” a happier world we will live in! 

Abstract artist Christina Sadler in her studio in Gloucestershire
Relaxing art an original abstract painting by christina sadler gloucester

Abstract canvas paintings

Original art

Large abstract canvas art to smaller framed abstract wall art. I use anything from inks to oils. Find soothing tones, calming shades and colourful uplifting colours. I know how difficult it is choosing art for your home and so will happily send additional photos or discuss colours if you are unsure. All of these are original abstract paintings.

Alcohol Ink Paintings

Original art

Painted on synthetic paper my alcohol ink paintings are a very popular and affordable way to own original art. The popularity is certainly from the metallic highlights which shimmer when they catch the light. Each one is a one-off and can't be recreated, so whatever you pick you know you have the only one. I'm on hand to help you with framing or any questions you have.    

In the middle in situ.png


"I have a large canvas painting in my living room and it really is the focal point of the house. We constantly have compliments on how amazing it is"

Chris, Commissioned art

hand painted scarf.jpg

Hand Painted textiles

Unique scarves and ties

mini grey tea light holder hand painted
hand painted Christmas bauble in teal and gold

Soothing home

Unique Christmas decorations

Relaxing hand painted homeware

One of a kind luxury ceramic baubles 

Card flat lay blue.png

Greetings Cards

Abstract images as cards

Commission art

Bespoke Art for your space

Commissioning an artwork allows you to be involved in creating something that is individual, personal and one of a kind. The process may seem daunting but it isn't! On the commissions page I set out how I will work with you 

Abstract artist Christina Sadler working in her studio on large canvas art


"Having purchased one piece that was made specifically for my wife’s Christmas present, we are now after our second piece. The art is unique and stunning and I get lost in every piece. It is beautiful and needs to be seen by everyone."

Christmas Gift

Unique Hand Painted Gifts

Whether you are treating yourself or someone special, everything that is sent is carefully wrapped. If you are wanting to send directly to someone I can even pop in a hand written note.

Great Finds

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