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Life, the changeability and uncertainty, hope and clarity.


This is mirrored in the unpredictability of the ink, its instability contradicted in an elegant and beautiful image.


The paintings look at the balance of control between painter and paint.


They also remind us of what we can and can't control in life.



There is something calming looking out to sea. There is a point at which you know things continue but you can't see it; where the sky blends into the sea.


It reminds us of trust, of believing in your instincts and to have faith that if you keep going things will become clear.


The paintings look at the meditative value of looking towards a horizon. 

reminder painting-maker-who-doesnt-make-christina-sadler.jpg


Inspired by the way water trickles and washes over a surface. 


The paintings in this collection are guided by the materials and the physical act of painting. Intuition and seeing how the materials mover a huge part of the process. 


Areas once hidden are found while others are washed with inks and covered in a blanket of paint. 



We've been here, its not a place, its a point in time; a moment.


As we walk along splashes of colour fracture the surface, capturing a sensation, a moment of joy, feeling content.


The paintings allow you to project your own thoughts and feelings. 

The pops of colour are notes of joy, fractures of happiness. 

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